11 Steps to healthier hair


By Michelle Schoffro Cook

Hair loss affects both men and women. While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation. In addition, there are many foods that offer vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair.

Here are the top 11 foods and natural remedies that can help boost healthy hair growth.

1. Get Enough Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids are specific fats that are critical to the proper function of your body. Your body is not able to produce these fatty acids on its own, so it is necessary that you eat foods containing them.

Essential fatty acids from walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and avocado are great foods to eat for healthy hair.

2. Ramp Up Collagen Production With Vitamin C
Collagen surrounds the hair strands but as we age collagen breaks down, causing hair to be more vulnerable to breaking. The best way to boost collagen is not through some expensive medical procedure, it’s by getting more vitamin C.

Foods high in vitamin C include: citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers. Supplementing with 250 mg daily can help boost collagen production which has the added bonus of reducing wrinkling.

3. Boost Bioton
Biotin, a water soluble vitamin of the B complex, encourages hair and scalp health. Dietary sources of biotin include nuts, brown rice and oats.

4. Boost Keratin Production with MSM
Methylsulfonylmethane aids in the production of keratin (a protein in the hair) while doing double-duty to strengthen hair follicles. In one study 100 percent of people who supplemented with MSM showed reduced hair loss and increased growth in only six weeks.

Leafy vegetables, such as Swiss chard, cabbage and watercress, contain a small amount of MSM. Raw vegetables contain a higher amount than cooked vegetables because heat causes some of the msm to volatilize. However, you still receive some when you eat cooked asparagus or beets. Those who like to eat alfalfa also receive MSM when ingesting its nutritious leaves.

5. Eat Iron Rich Foods
Iron is also essential for hair growth and can be found in blackstrap molasses, green leafy vegetables, leeks, cashews, dried fruits, figs, and berries. To help your body absorb iron, you’ll need enough vitamin C.

6. Give Your Hair A Mineral Boost
The minerals silica and zinc are also critical for hair growth. Take 500 mg of silica two times daily and 30 mg of zinc once daily.

Food sources of silica include cucumber, mango, green leafs, beans, celery, asparagus. Natural Organic silica is also found in horsetail herb. Among some of the foods high in zinc are pumpkin seeds, fresh oysters, brazil nuts, eggs, pecans.

7. Add The Herb Saw Palmetto Into Your Diet
A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that saw palmetto (serenoa repens) may increase hair growth in men. Hair growth improved in men taking 400 mg of a standardized extract of saw palmetto and 100 mg of beta-sitosterol (from saw palmetto) daily. Historically, saw palmetto has been used by herbalists for hair loss in both men and women.

8. Address A Possible Underactive Thyroid Gland
Hypothyroidism can cause thinning hair. Add sea vegetables like kelp, nori, dulse, kombu and wakame, all of which are rich in iodine may be helpful to balance this condition.

Avoid drinking tap water since it typically contains fluorine and chlorine, two chemicals that inhibit iodine absorption. You may also want to supplement with 100 mg or 1 mL of the herb bladderwrack (focus vesiculosus) daily. Work with a qualified holistic health care professional if you suspect a sluggish thyroid gland.

9. Rejuvenate Hair Follicles With B-complex Vitamins
100 mg daily of a B-complex supplement that includes biotin and vitamin B6 can reduce hair thinning by increasing scalp circulation and rejuvenating hair follicles.

10. Prevent Breakage With Vitamin E
Vitamin E is required to nourish damaged hair and to prevent breakage. It aids the body’s ability to manufacture keratin within hair strands to reduce breakage. Supplementing with 400 IU of vitamin E can be helpful to restore locks.
Some foods high in vitamin E include sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts, dried apricots, cooked spinach and olives.

11. Boost Scalp Circulation With Rosemary Essential Oil
Rosemary essential oil has been traditionally used to increase circulation to the scalp. Add a few drops per dollop of shampoo or, better yet, add a few drops of rosemary to coconut oil and massage your scalp regularly.



This was a blog post I had written a while back and after seeing it again I decided share it with my friends at Evolution… enjoy and let me know your thoughts on body image and bathing suits!

Sherry Gilderoy

Sherry Gilderoy is...

Okay, okay, even Marilyn Monroe isn’t in one, but hey that was the style then!  One I think was pretty sexy and forgiving of our less than perfect bodies. I noticed as I walked on the beach yesterday that I had a new appreciation for a beautiful body… and I mean there were some beauties! More interesting to me though was my lack of envy. No really, I am so glad I have not obsessed over what I am going to wear on the beach this spring break… after oh, 30 yrs of being really stressed by that decision!

Most satisfying is the fact that the people around me in all of their beach attire and tanned-ness are as uninterested in me as I am in them… I am done wondering what others think about my thighs… or belly or … boobs! I kinda like them. Kinda. I am not totally…

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Breathing – A Good Stress Reliever

Breath=stress reduction

Breath=stress reduction

Most of us inhale between 18,000 and 20,000 breaths per day, totaling an average of 5000 gallons of air.  That’s thiry-five times as much as we take in from food or drink.  We can go weeks without food, days without water, and only minutes without air.

Breathing is the greatest miracle of existence.  It is the single most important thing we do everyday.  Aside from maintaining basic life functions, the breath is one of our most powerful tools for releasing stress and transforming ourselves: for burning up toxins, releasing stored emotions, changing body structure and changing consciousness.  Breathing is grossly underestimated as a source of life-giving, healing, and purifying energy.

Unfortunately, the average person does not breathe very deeply.  Our lungs can hold about two pints of air, while the average person breathes in about one pint or less per breath.  Confirm this for yourself by taking a normal breath and then seeing how much more air you can add to it.  Notice how it feels to breath deeply.

Whole systems of yoga have been built on breathing techniques, called pranayama, which are designed to expand consciousness and purify the body.  When thoughts are quiet, the breath is calm as well, and a soothing and healing rhythm runs throughout the whole body.

The Complete Breath – Deep Breathing

This is as simple as it sounds.  Sit comfortably and watch the path of your breath, making both inhalation and exhalation as full as possible without straining. Just breathe gently and deeply.  Breathe deep into your belly, then into your chest.  Exhale, reversing the order, and repeat several times.

Good times to practice this is at stop lights, standing in line, or in a waiting room.  Remember, your mind can be calmed through control of the breath.

Dr. Cheryl Oden

Do you need a good LASHING?

Ever wonder what questions to ask when considering eyelash extensions for yourself? Here’s a list of Do’s and Dont’s for your consideration-


beautiful eyelash extensions

DO your research. “Choose a reputable salon, spa or eyelash extension only establishment. The lash artist should be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist and the consultation should be free of charge. Ask what type adhesive is used (it should be non-formaldehyde), and if they have a variety of lashes for customizing. Always make sure they are not applying cluster lashes as lash extensions are one single lash applied to each one of your own.”

DON’T get your extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours after application. “Avoid working out, steam rooms or hot yoga. The adhesive will reactivate and may cause the lashes to stick together and look like caked-on mascara.”

DO resist the urge to pull. “If you pick, tug, twist or excessively touch or brush your extensions, it could damage your natural lashes. If at any time you don’t wish to continue, always have them professionally removed.”

DON’T let moisture-rich products get onto your lashes. “Shampoo, conditioner, heavy creams or anything oil based will eventually loosen the bond. Tilt your head back when washing your hair or take a bath to avoid getting them wet. Some of my addicted clients use swimming goggles while showering!”

DO reshape your extensions after you shower. “Gently comb your lashes to fan them out or use a blow dryer set on “cool” to fan them back in place. Hold it arms length away from your face.”

DON’T neglect your own lashes. “Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions.”

DO have fun. “Flaunt! Flirt! The best thing about lash extensions is that they are versatile and can be styled differently at every touch up appointment. For example, if you’re going to Vegas, ask your lash artist to glam ’em up!”

Still want more info? Our very own  Heather Cohlmia at Evolution Salon for her expert advice on lashextensions and caring for them.


Beauty, technology and enlightenment…

Yesterday some of us at the salon met for an early morning meeting to learn a bit about blogging. I have a little niche business that helps small businesses and individuals maximize the social media galaxy and help to further their brands.
Usually The people coming to my workshops are both afraid of and unclear about how the technology of social media has anything to do with them. I have learned to teach one piece of the puzzle at a time and this seems to be effective. There will be plenty to learn along the way….
What I am always pleased with is the amount of fun we can have when we transfer our knowledge to others… I love to hear the laughter when we make a mistake or when we digress into a moment of overstimulation and start really ” connecting” with each other.
There are still many questions that will follow our little session, but I look forward to empowering my friends and co-evolutionaries to create their own success and discover some hidden talents through writing… Uh, BLOGGING 😉

“When we resist change, it’s called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into it’s dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment”
― Pema Chödrön, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change



Incredibly ordinary practice

A beautiful story of simplicity.

Yoga & Joyful Living

Really, forget all the Lululemon gear, the Manduka mats, just come and practise yoga with these powerful and inspiring women. You don’t need a thing – a concrete floor in a spartan classroom is sufficient.

The women on the photo live with almost 2000 other Ethiopians in a refugee camp in Gorom, near the capital of South Sudan, Juba. 

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